3-D Imaging and Scanning

Using cutting edge 3d Laser scanning and 3d cad modeling KBR offers a range of service including:

  • Telecom as built (azimuth, tilt, plumb, etc.) verification
  • Gathering or verifying of data needed for planning, engineering or inspecting industrial and construction projects.
  • Area mapping and precision measuring of anything from a proposed build site to a completed project

Using our 3d Laser Scanner we can create ultra-high resolution point cloud data from a ground based location with little to no contact of equipment and with minimum disruption to workflow on site. From this data precision measurements can be taken and used to create life like 3d models of existing structures or measurements of angles, distance, azimuth, plumb, tilt, etc. that can be used in many ways to assist in more efficient planning and engineering of upgrade, existing and new build projects.